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safe places to travel in Africa

Is South Africa dangerous?

South Africa is a beautiful nation to check out and one would always remember their holiday here. There is a regular criminal offense rate here like every other nation. Being a traveler city, South Africa does expose the visitors to some quantity of threats and the travelers ought to also make their own efforts to…

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social oppression

What is South Africa’s biggest problem today?

Access to financing Many novice business owners in South Africa, and around the globe, have never pitched their business concept to a group of funders, nor have they performed marketing research, or produced a business plan. Small company owners typically do not have the capital to money their efforts and do not have a strong…

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Africa expensive to travel

Is Africa expensive to travel?

Remains in many aspects a developed nation, much of its people resides in poverty.All significant metropolitan areas have contemporary, hotels and centers. Food and water are normally safe, and a wide range of durable goods and pharmaceuticals are also available. Pretoria is the capital, the seat of parliament is Cape Town, and the constitutional court,…

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Is it safe to take a baby to Africa?

There are definitely various parts of Africa which are no go areas due to political and civil discontent. Kenya was a preferred for vacationer in the 90s however there has just recently been an increased risk of fear attacks. Malaria is another concern when taking a trip with a baby or young child and it…

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